When we first kicked off BPPT training session in August 2004, we know that it would be an interesting project. Since then, BPPT training has become an important and probably one of the most successful training partners in the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. The strength of BPPT program lies in its vision – using information and communication technology (ICT) to support better teaching and learning and its mission to help make one hundred thousand teachers become better teachers.

We have a great pleasure working in this program with the establishment of 89 centres nationwide in 6 regions namely Eastern, Northern, Central, Southern, Sabah and Sarawak. And this is where the strength of BPPT program lies – the opportunity to work directly with the teachers in their own familiar environment (schools’ computer labs) in the region. It gives us a better understanding on how teachers utilise and implement the knowledge in the real situation.

All members of BPPT program especially the Master Trainers and Trainers took great pride in its accomplishments and the contributions made throughout the project duration towards improving teachers’ skill and knowledge on “When,

When Not and How” to integrate ICT in their teaching and learning process in school.

On behalf of BPPT team members nationwide, we would like to pen a special word of thanks to all teachers who have participated in this program. We hope you will continue to use your lifetime User ID to access the Bank Data Sumber Nasional (BDSN) for more lesson plans.

Extra gratitude to the team of officers in charge at Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah (PPD) and Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri (JPN) from all states that helped runs the project running smoothly. And last but not least, our utmost appreciation goes to the officers at Bahagian Pendidikan Guru (BPG) of Ministry of Education for their commitment, effort and support to make BPPT program a success.

Once again, it’s a pleasure to thank everybody involved in BPPT program for their efforts, creativity and commitment; all local and international partners for their generosity; for their strength and support and all educators and learners who gave their best in this training program.

It has been a great experience!


© 2007 Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia